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Water and Wastewater services from the El Dorado Irrigation District

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Folsom Lake Storage Status, 2/4/2016
  Current Storage is 577,037 acre feet, 59.1% full. 5-day average daily gain was 15,466 acre feet.
This is 113% of the historical average for this date.
Current Lake Level is 425.83 feet.  5-day average daily rise was 1.87 feet.
The all-time record low  on 12/4/2015 was 135,561 acre feet / 348.68 feet elevation, 13.9% full
Folsom Lake daily data
EID reservoirs are at normal levels probably are now above average levels for this date in the rain year.

Conservation-based operations, including shortfalls in EID revenues from water sales:

In 2015 EID was able to maintain its own reservoirs at near-normal levels despite the drought. This involved two factors:
Conservation, with thanks to customers, and adept management of reservoir operations.  Measures included diversion of American River water to Jenkinson Lake that otherwise could have flowed through the El Dorado Power Plant to generate hydroelectctric power.

Conservation produced a revenue shortfall of approximately $2.4 million from reduced water sales in 2015. Additional revenues from generation of hydroelcttric power were sacrificed to maintain nearly normal levels in Jenkinson Lake. Both EID hydropower revenues and the level of Folsom Lake were impacted by near-absence of Sierra snowpack that normally generates high flows into summer.

Almost all California water providers experienced similar shortfalls in 2015. Many compensated by assessing increased drought rates or drought surcharges. EID did not pass on the cost of the conservation-induced revenue shortfall to ratepayers. EID also had no rate increase in 2015.
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