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Folsom Lake Storage Status, 7/18/2016 at midnight (end of day)
Current Storage is 586,138 acre feet:
60.0% full: 79.1% of average on this date, 170.2% of one year-ago

Daily storage decrease was 7,675 acre feet, averaged over the last 5 days.
Since February 15 100.9% ol inflow has been passed through Folsom Lake as outflow.
If current outflow management continues Folsom Lake will reach dead pool on October 22.
Since February 15 Folsom Lake's total outflow was 1.7 million acre feet.
Folsom Dam is again being operated at high outflows with an objective
to preserve water in the Shasta Lake cold pool  for winter run Chinook Salmon.
Folsom Lake hydrologic drought is created by regulatory order, not by nature.
All of EID's major reservoirs had ample surplus storage in 2015 and were at 100% capacity
in months from Febrary through June, 2016:
For us, the US Drought Monitor's claim that we have severe drought is absolutely wrong.
Stand by, is about to add a new web page on USDM failure:
It will feature three photos from unirrigated parts of my yard in El Dorado Hills:
  • From July,a an 8-foot high volunteer western redbud.
  • From June, 7-foot high volunteer sweet peas
  • From June, a trench exposing the local water table 6 inches underground

Folsom Lake daily data
Storage Graphs for about 25 California reservoirs

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  Subsection icon for X15 X15 Section X-15 -- Hypersonic History
               F-104, open cockpit day, 2/6/2016Aerospace Museum of California:
Notes by a docent
[new section, coming soon]
Dash80 Section Dash-80 -- The first 707
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Sierrafoot has begun a major renovation, which will proceed gradually through 2016.  Remaining contents in the Air and Space section are retained and are undergoing updates, other sections are being cleaned out.

The first updates will be in the X-15  History section, including a new X-15 adventure story for Major Robert M. White's world official altitude record flight for winged aircraft on July 17, 1962. Also, a new subsection is being added for notes by a docent (this author) at the Aerospace Museum of California. The home page will retain the news box below on the status of Folsom Lake, occasionally with other notes on the California drought.

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