Laguna Seca Open Track days

Turn 3 -- if 2's company, S2000s are company

... a few photos of "4TH X-15" 4th X-15, S2000 license plate at open-track days
these photos from events in 2004 sponsored by S2000 Club of America logo ,TracQuest, and TrackMasters

Movie clip on track at Laguna Seca, starting at the Corkscrew
short Quick Time movie clips, from in-car camera, May 15th
....   (caveat dial-up: each is about a 12-megabyte download)
<- Turn 5 through turn 9,
including the Corkscrew
... with thanks to another driver for the pass at turn 6

Movie clip on track at Laguna Seca, starting at the Corkscrew

Locations of photos on the track...
(photos with links to enlargements are below the map)

Annotated track map of Laguna Seca

click on any photo below with a border to see a larger image
Laguna Seca, beginning turn-in to turn 6

A Laguna Seca title shot --

Just past the turn-in point for turn 6,
framed in front of the vehicle bridge
crossing from outside to the paddock

Passing apex at Turn 8, in the Corkscrew

Turn 8, into the Corkscrew,
then turn 8A, out of the Corkscrew
Through the turn 8A apex, exiting the Corkscrew at Laguna Seca
Into the apex at turn 11, Laguna SecaTracking out from turn 11, onto the front straight at Laguna Seca

At the apex of turn 11,
then starting to track out onto the front straight

And finally, a right-to-left sequence passing the apex of turn 8

Turn 8 sequence frame 5, Laguna SecaTurn 8 sequence frame 4, Laguna SecaTurn 8 sequence frame 3, Laguna SecaTurn 8 sequence frame 2, Laguna SecaTurn 8 sequence frame 1, Laguna Seca

Turn 8A, finishing the Corkscrew
Turn 8A, exiting the Corkscrew (March 2005)

In the first video clip my thanks go to the driver of the white S2000 for the pass on the exit from turn 6.  Not easily visible in the video clip is his point-by, a hand signal that told me to pass him on the left. He held off from going to full throttle in order to let me by, and we both altered our line through turn 6 for the sake of the pass -- He stayed right while I stayed left. If we had both been "going for it" it would be a deadlock between equally matched cars.

This gentleman has my thanks for his courtesy and cooperation in the interest of safety on the track.

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