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6/27/2014Added a note on EID Small Farm rates and current discussion involving them. A link on this page goes to a corresponding EID staff report.

Also in EID topics, the Reference Library was reorganized and updated.
Mather Airport

5/31/2014Posted initial content for new section on Mather Airport and Air Cargo "Noise":
A case of manufactured outrage in local politics.

The section currently has content in three of its top-level pages.
Mather Airport

5/20/2014The intended major update stalled due to more urgent matters. It is now beginning to resume, the first notable change is addition of a video clip recorded with audio on an iPad to show an actual overflight by a UPS 767-300.
UPS 767 on approach near Latham Lane in EDH

1/9/2014Beginning major update to site. The first step includes simplification and reorganization of the homes page. 2013 election-oriented material for EID is entirely replaced by new 2013/2014 section titled  Notes and Analysis on EID Issues.

Coming next:  X-15 Adventure Story #3, Major Robert M. White sets the official world altitude record for highest flight by an aircraft:  314,750 feet.
EID 2013 fact checks and analysis

9/4/2013Added page titled  EID 2011 Water Rates and 2012 Audit Results

Added new section, EID & Election, 2013, which will be updated frequently as content is added and organized. The root page for the section is 2013 fact checks and analysis.

This section will be directed especially toward evaluating candidates for EID Director positions. Four candidates are competing for two seats (Division 2 and Division 4) in this November's election.
EID 2013 fact checks and analysis

Minor revisions occur more frequently without being noted on this Updates page.

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