50 years ago in X-15 history
North American Aviation design proposal for X-15

May 9, 1955
All X-15 design models Design proposals for X-15 submitted
X-15 design proposal North American Aviation design proposal for X-15
(24 megabyte pdf file)

This is a new subsection on SierraFoot. Ideally it will be updated to report events and milestones in X-15 history exactly 50 years after they occurred, gradually rebuilding the chronology of the X-15 flight research program and illustrating with photos and documents whenever possible.

In practice the goal of posting exactly 50 years after actual events will be difficult to achieve due to limitations on time available to this web site's author. Even as the first entry is posted for May 9, 1955 there are several milestones dating back as far as 1952 to be documented in additional web pages at a later date.

My thanks go to the NASA Dryden History Office for the opportunity to copy North American Aviation's original design proposal, as well as many other documents on X-15 history.

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