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This list is a bibliography of articles and other content printed in magazines and other periodical literature, such as newspapers.  The purpose of this list is to record known examples relating mainly to the X-15 program, but including limited material for related programs.  Undoubtedly many more such publications exist than are shown here.

Most of the periodicals listed here are so old that they are no longer available in typical libraries, it is generally difficult to find surviving copies.  It's possible that this list's practical value may lie in simply documenting the scope of attention given to the X-15 program while it was active.

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Aircraft Illustrated
Air & Space
Air Force `
AIR Intelligence Training Bulletin
Air International
Air Pictorial
Air Progress
American Modeler
Aviation Heritage
Aviation Week
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Cine Cosmos Star
Electronics Illustrated
FineScale Modeler
Flight Journal
Flying Review
Invention & Technology
Jets and Rockets
Leo Plan
Mechanix Illustrated
Modern Man
National Geographic
Naval Aviation News
North American Aviation Annual Report
Paris Match
Popular Electronics
Popular Mechanics
Popular Science
Purdue Alumnus
Read Magazine
Readers Digest  
San Diego Union
Saturday Evening Post
Science World
Space World
Take Off
Wide World

Magazine References (detailed)

Aircraft Illustrated    January 1999
Art of X-15 #2 (1962 or earlier) climbing for altitude, teaser for article:  "The X-Files  NASA's 'right stuff'"
p. 36 "The X-Files"  Article discusses X-planes @ Dryden/Edwards; 2 photos of X-15 on p. 40

Air & Space    June/July 1993
Photo of Milt Thompson next to mockup of X-15 #3
p. 22 "Fast Track" Article about test flying and test pilots, features Milt Thompson & Bill Dana

Air Force   November 1958
Art shows X-15 climbing away from B-52 after launch
p. 84 "The X-15  A Forum" 4-page excerpt from panel q & a, panel was Walt Williams, Scott Crossfield, and Robert White
p. 88 "First X-15 Is Rolled Out" 2-page article, 2 rollout photos, 1 artists conception of launch

Air Force [/ Space Digest]    June 1968
p. (??) "The quiet records of the X-15" Article by Irving Stone

AIR Intelligence Training Bulletin   October 9, 1961
p. 7
"School Room for Orbital Flight"
p. 7 5-page article with 8 good photos
(published by Continental Air Command)

Air International   July 1996   (Vol 51 No 1)
p. 47 "Erich Bachem's Snake in the Sky" Article with photos on Bachem Natter, 1945 German manned wooden rocket

Air International    August 1996    (Vol 51 No 2)
p. 94 "Bell X-2" Excellent article, good photos & drawings, part 1 of 2

Air International    September 1996    (Vol 51 No 3)
p. 168 "Bell X-2" Excellent article, good photos & drawings, part 2 of 2

Air International    October 1996    (Vol 51 No 4)
p. 242 "The Space Shuttle Orbiter  Part 1" Good history of origins, including X-15 and X-20

Air International    November 1996    (Vol 51 No 5)
p. 309 "The Space Shuttle Orbiter  Part 2" Good history of designs leading to shuttle, M2-F1, M2-F2, M2-F3,, HL-10, X-24A, and X-24B lifting bodies

Air International    December 1996    (Vol 51 No 6)
p. 362 "The Space Shuttle Orbiter  Part 3" Final evolution of shuttle orbiter design

Air Pictorial    May 1964
p. 142 "North American X-15A-2"
by John W. R. Taylor

Air Progress    Spring 1959
p. 46
2-page photo spread:  3 captions, 3-view drawings, flight path illustration, 5 photos from rollout of #1 X-15

Airplane    Volume 15 Issue 179  (no date given, looks like late 1990's)  
p. 4991 "Great Aircraft of the World" Includes excellent X-15 photos and art, including front & rear covers, centerfold; most show the X-15A-2

American Modeler    November 1961
Art shows X-15 at peak heating in reentry
p. 6
2/3 page note with 3 photos, 1 drawing, notes award of Harmon Trophy jointly to Scott Crossfield, Joe Walker, and Robert White

Aviation Heritage    September 1992
p. 46 "First Airplane Into Space" Article by Ron Edwards, surveys X-15 program; 7 pages with 8 photos

Aviation Week    May 6, 1957    (5/6/57)
p. 26 "X-15 Capability Outstrips Speculations" Article based on interview with Scott Crossfield

Aviation Week    February 3, 1958    (2/3/58)
p. 26 "How X-15 Will Double Man's Mach Number" Good article during X-15 construction

Aviation Week    April 7, 1958    (4/7/58)
p. 31 "X-15 Space Suit, Seat Tested" Photo feature
p. 63 "X-15 Rocket Vehicle in Fabrication Stage" Photo feature

Aviation Week    April 14, 1958    (4/14/58)
p. 26
First official drawing of X-15, NAA artist's conception
p. 110
Earlier drawing of X-15 used in 2-page ad for "Research in Space" issue

Aviation Week    June 9, 1958    (6/9/58)
p. 23 "X-15 Instruments" Box, about Sperry inertial instruments

Aviation Week    June 16, 1958    (6/16/58)
p. 30-31
2-page ad by North American Aviation, featuring X-15
p. 81 "NACA Shifting to Space Agency Role" X-15 references in article, photo of motion simulator appears to be for X-15 reentry
p. 86 "USAF Space Effort Based on Research" X-15 reference in article
p. 95 Section title page Full-page color photo on stiff material of Scott Crossfield in MC-2 pressure suit under heat lamps
p. 106 "Medicine Paces Man's Flight into Space" X-15 references in article
p. 117 "X-15, Dyna-Soar Will Put Man into Space" Article, includes illustration of X-15 flight path, Wendover to Edwards
p. 180 "New Test Tools Needed for Space Age" Reference to Scott Crossfield & X-15 in article, table above text with reference is titled "Experimental Techniques for Hypersonic Research"
p. 293 "X-15 Rocket Engine Test Stand" Photo with caption

Aviation Week    June 23, 1958    (6/23/58)
p. 25 "X-15 Rocket Test Facility is Started" Article
p. 37 "Dryden Foresees NASA-Industry Teams" Article by Hugh Dryden includes X-15 references

Aviation Week    October 13, 1958    (10/13/58)
p. 28 "X-15 Rollout Set" Box, news note

Aviation Week    October 27, 1958    (10/27/58)
Photo, rollout of #1 X-15
p. 88 "Design Reflects Hypersonic Mission" News article, rollout of #1 X-15

Aviation Week    January 12, 1959    (1/12/59)
Cover teaser "Sperry Delivers X-15 Inertial Flight System"
p. 20 Advertisement, B. F. Goodrich
p. 53 "X-15 Flight System Shows All Attitudes" Article

Aviation Week    February 2, 1959    (2/2/59)
p. 28 "X-15 Flight Date" Small news box noting date planned for first flight

Aviation Week    February 9, 1959    (2/9/59)
p. 28 "X-15 Research Plane Undergoes Resonance Tests" Photo, X-15 mounted to pylon under wing of B-52
p. 50 Advertisement, Stavid Engineering Illustrated with 1/2 page art of X-15 modified to add jet intakes & reshape vertical stabilizer
p. 133 Advertisement, North American Aviation Includes reference to X-15

Aviation Week    February 16, 1959    (2/16/59)
p. 67 "Wing Pylon Secures X-15 Research Plane to B-52" 3 photos + captions
p. 116 "X-15 .. A challenge for fasteners" Full-page ad by hi-shear Rivet Tool Co.

Aviation Week    February 23, 1959    (2/23/59)
p. 28 "Ground Bases Prepare for X-15's Flight" Article, 2 1/2 pages with 3 photos and 1 drawing

Aviation Week    March 16, 1959    (3/16/59)
p. 30 "Over-Temperature Indication Cuts X-15 Flight Check" Photo with large caption, B-52 carrying X-15 on takeoff

Aviation Week    March 30, 1959    (3/30/59)
p. 22 Hydromatics ad (X-15)
p. 59 "X-15 Engine Will Have Wide Space Use" Good article on XLR-99 with good photos

Aviation Week    May 4, 1959    (5/4/59)
p. 29
Photo with large caption  X-15 Cockpit Mockup Shows Location of Controls
p. 150 
Small art image of X-15 in Thiokol ad

Aviation Week    May 11, 1959    (5/11/59)
p. 6 Hydromatics ad Includes X-15 illustrations
p. 69 "Measuring Whole-Body Radiation Determines Effect on X-15 Pilots" Article

Aviation Week    May 25, 1959    (5/25/59)
p. 81 "X-15 Rocket Engines Ready for Installation" Short article / news note
p. 126 Aviation Week ad Includes line art illustration of X-15

Aviation Week    June 8, 1959    (6/8/59)
p. 69 "Centrifuge Furthers X-15 Pilot Safety" Article (long)
p. 69
Photos, testing Q Ball nose in exhaust of F-100

Aviation Week    June 15, 1959    (6/15/59)
p. 23
Note in the Industry Observer box reports shipment of the first XLR-99-RM-1 rocket engine from Reaction Motors to Edwards AFB
p. 29 "X-15 Makes Successful Free Flight" 1-page article with 5 photos covers first flight (unpowered)

Aviation Week    June 22, 1959    (6/22/59)    ("Next Decade in Space" issue)
p. 92 News Digest Note on use of side stick in X-15 first flight
p. 107 "Road Mapper for the X-15" Advertisement, Texas Instruments
p. 131
Photo of X-15 model in low-speed wind tunnel
p. 151
3 shadowgraph photos of X-15 model at Mach 2.5
p. 155
2 photos of X-15 1st flight, 1 photo of large X-15 model
p. 156 "Hypersonic Aircraft Will Face Technical, Cost Problems" Article
p. 208
Ad, Revere Corporation, features X-15
p. 305
Ad, B.F. Goodrich, features X-15
p. 311 "Full-Pressure Suits Refined for Comfort" Article

Aviation Week    June 29, 1959    (6/29/59)
Photo of X-15 launch from B-52 on first flight

Aviation Week    July 20, 1959    (7/20/59)
p. 15
Full page ad by USI Western Design showing X-15 nose gear
p. 31 "Second X-15 to Fly" News box reports plan for #2 first captive flight

Aviation Week    July 27, 1959    (7/27/59)
p. 38 "USAF X-15 carries its own atmosphere" Full page ad by Garrett AiResearch

Aviation Week    August 3, 1959    (8/3/59)
p. 31 "X-15 Captive Flight" News box, first captive flight of #2 X-15
p. 53 "Power for the X-15" General Electric ad includes first-launch photo of X-15 & B-52
p. 65 "High Range" Electronic Engineering Co. ad has half-page illustration of X-15

Aviation Week    August 10, 1959    (8/10/59)
p. 38
Stavid Engineering ad features drawing of "modified X-15" aircraft
p. 113 "Road Mapper for the X-15" Texas Instruments ad for roof prisms includes drawing of X-15
p. 117 "X-15 Nose Wheel Equipped With Fabric-Tread Tires" Photo with caption, describes B.F'. Goodrich development of tread with nylon cord to avoid throwing tread in high-speed landings

Aviation Week    August 10, 1959    (8/10/59)
p. 24 "Glide Tests Lead to First Powered Flight" News article

Aviation Week    August 31, 1959    (8/31/59)
p. 88 "Glide Tests Lead to First Powered Flight" News article

Aviation Week    September 21, 1959    (9/21/59)
p. 35 "X-15 Flies on Power" News box, first X-15 powered flight
p. 95 "X-15 Rocket Engine Tested" Photo with caption, first ground test of XLR-99 at NASA Dryden

Aviation Week    September 28, 1959    (9/28/59)
p. 67
X-15 in illustration art for Westinghouse ad insert
p. 70
X-15 in illustration art for Westinghouse ad insert
p. 86
X-15 illustration in ad for Robinson Technical Products Inc.
p. 109 "X-15 Exceeds Expectations on First Rocket Flight" News note with 3 photos

Aviation Week    November 16, 1959    (11/16/59)
p. 32 "North American Studies X-15 Damage" Article

Aviation Week    November 30, 1959    (11/30/59)
p. 7
B.F. Goodrich ad covers ~ 5/8 of page with 6-photo sequence of X-15 first-flight landing, including Crossfield's PIO
p. 26 "NASA Reorienting Research Emphasis" Article notes X-15 role in current NASA research
p. 60
Allegheny Ludlum ad shows X-15, for high strength/high temp metals
p. 86
Autolite ad starts with 3/8 page photo of #1 X-15 at rollout

Aviation Week    December 21, 1959    (12/21/59)
p. 26 "X-15 Flight Aborted After Regulator Fails" Short article/news note

Aviation Week    January 18, 1960    (1/18/60)
p. 31 "Dyna-Soar Design Under Review; New X-15 Proposed as Substitute" Article
p. 92 "High-Performance Titanium for the X-15" 2-page ad by Republic Steel, includes 2-page-wide photo of first powered flight

Aviation Week    May 23, 1960    (5/23/60)
p. 36
Full-page ad, Bendix Ignition on North American's X-15
p. 96 "X-15 Tests Center On Stability Augmentation" Article

Aviation Week    October 17, 1960    (10/17/60)
p. 32 "XLR-99RM-1 Engine Mounted in X-15" Photo with caption
p. 89
Raybestos-Manhattan ad uses small drawing of X-15
p. 96 "Heated Windshield Cuts X-15 Fogging" Small article
p. 101 "Simulator Provides X-15 Flight Regimes" Large article
p. 105 "Jumps Prove USAF Survival Concepts" Article accompanied by photos of X-15 suit with portable cooler describes Joe Kittinger's jump from a baloon at 102,800 feet

Aviation Week    October 24, 1960    (10/24/60)
p. 28 "X-15 Gets Replacement Engine" Photo with caption

Aviation Week    November 21, 1960    (11/21/60)
p. 34 "X-15 Flies with New Engine" News box

Aviation Week    November 28, 1960    (11/28/60)
p. 37 "Second X-15" [with XLR-99] News box
p. 37
News Digest item, terminal guidance and data facility for X-15

Aviation Week   June 26, 1961    (6/26/61)
p. 34
GE ad, using X-15 and X-20 illustrations
p. 67 "X-15 Pilots Win Harmon Trophy" Short article

Aviation Week    October 9, 1961    (10/9/61)
p. 35 "Successful X-15 Flight Recorded Without Detachable Ventral Fin" Article

Aviation Week    October 16, 1961    (10/16/61)
p. 8
Goodyear ad, full-page art shows X-15 with an F-104 inlet
p. 32 "North American X-15 Reaches 215,000 ft" Article

Aviation Week    October 23, 1961    (10/23/61)
p. 29 "X-15/B-52 Studied as Blue Scout Boosters" Full-page article
p. 30 "X-15 Flies 3,920 mph., Heating Nears Limit" News note

Aviation Week    November 20, 1961    (11/20/61)  [contains pecial report on X-15 program]
Photo of X-15 landing
p. 21 "Salute to the X-15" Editorial
p. 30 "New X-15 Windshield To Be Flight-Tested" Article
p. 52 "X-15 Objectives Raised to New Limits" Large article with lots of photos
p. 95 "X-15 Will Test Adaptive Control System" Article

Aviation Week    November 27, 1961    (11/27/61)
p. 57 "X-15 Contributes to Structures Research" Large article, continuation of 11/20/61 article, not limited to structures

Aviation Week    December 18, 1961    (12/18/61)
p. 34 "No. 3 X-15 Is Ready for First Test Flight" Short news article
p. 114 "More on X-15" 3 letters to the editor

Aviation Week    December 25, 1961    (12/25/61)
p. 17 "Dyna-Soar Suborbital Flights Eliminated" Article
p. 23 "X-15 No. 3 Flies" News box
p. 53 "X-15...A test bed for advanced fastening system" Advertisement, hi-shear corp.

Aviation Week    January 16, 1962    (1/16/62)
p. 29 "X-15 Abort Tied to Engine Ignition Failure" Short article; Petersen's last flight
p. 58 "Reliability Counts in the Heart of the X-15" Advertisement, Marlin-Rockwell, features stainless steel bearings in XLR-99 turbopump

Aviation Week    April 23, 1962    (4/23/62)
p. 26 "NASA Studies Hypersonic X-15 Follow-on" Article
p. 28 "Out-of-Atmosphere Flight Tests Will Expand X-15's Research Role" Article

Aviation Week    May 7, 1962    (5/7/62)
p. 29 "X-15 Reaches Altitude Of Over 246,000 ft." Article

Aviation Week    June 11, 1962    (6/11/62)
p. 34 "X-15 Fails to Achieve Programmed Altitude" Short article

Aviation Week    June 18, 1962    (6/18/62)
p. 34 "Third X-15 Flies" News box

Aviation Week    July 2, 1962    (7/2/62)   (Special issue:  NASA - Spearhead to Space)
p. 60
Honeywell ad, X-15 is one of 4 featured programs
p. 285 "Flight Research Spans Velocity Spectrum" Article, mostly concerned with X-15

Aviation Week    June 23, 1962    (6/23/62)
p. 25 "X-15, Soviet Fighter Claim New Records" Article  (White exceeds 310,000 ft)

Aviation Week    August 6, 1962    (8/6/62)
p. 33 "X-15 Control Tested Without Yaw Damper" Very short article

Aviation Week    August 13, 1962    (8/13/62)
p. 35 "X-15 Flight Measures Skin Heat Transfer" Short article

Aviation Week    August 20, 1962    (8/20/62)
p. 37 "X-15 Tests Inertial Pitch Angle Indicator" Short article

Aviation Week   August 19, 1963    (8/19/63)
p. 34 "Unmanned X-20 Could Fly by July, 1965" Article

Aviation Week    November 4, 1963    (11/4/63)
p. 38 "X-15 Modified for Hypersonic Research" Article

Aviation Week  February 17, 1964    (2/17/64)
p. 116
"Structural Details Shown in X-15 Modification"
3 photos with captions, full page
Illustrates modifications in progress to rebuild X-15-2 into the X-15A-2

Aviation Week    July 27, 1964    (7/27/64)
p. 17 "X-15 Use Planned in Ramjet Evaluations" Long article

Aviation Week    August 31, 1964    (8/31/64)
p. 57 "X-15 Modified for High-Altitude Tests" News note/short article about #1

Aviation Week    October 18, 1965    (10/18/65)
p. 22 "Delta-Wing X-15 Configuration Proposed" Article

Aviation Week    January 9, 1967    (1/9/67)
p. 67 "X-15 Flights Providing Baseline Data on Reusable Space Vehicles" Article
p. 89
Full page ad by Vickers division of Sperry Rand, uses art depicting X-15A-2

Aviation Week    November 20, 1967    (11/20/67)
p. 34 "X-15 Destroyed" News box, crash of #3 X-15, killing Mike Adams

Aviation Week    April 1, 1968    (4/1/68)
p. 24 "M2-F2 Lifting Body Modifications Urged" Article:  Includes note on planned termination of X-15 program no later than end of year, decision not to place #2 X-15 back in service.

Aviation Week    April 8, 1968    (4/8/68)
Color cover photo shows Las Vegas/Lake Meade area & beyond from X-15 at about 200,000 feet, taken by Hycon HR-236 earth resources camera

Aviation Week    August 26, 1968    (8/26/68)
p. 85 "X-15 Crash Spurs Adaptive Control Study" Article:  NASA Safety Report, Part 2

Cine Cosmos Star    November 17, 1962

French magazine, entirely in French language;  Most of magazine is a printed rendition of the movie "X-15", using captioned frames from the film.

Coronet    June 1959
p. 112 "Our specially selected spacemen" Article, good by standards of popular press

Cosmopolitan    January 1960
p. 30 "Scott Crossfield  Space Trailblazer"" Feature article, with several good and uncommon photos

Electronics Illustrated    December 1959
Photo, early launcy of #1 X-15 from B-52 #003
p. 40 "X-15" Article by Myron Gubitz

FineScale Modeler    January 1989
p. 34
Article, Scratchbuilding a Martin Marietta X-24B lifting body

Flight Journal    October 1999
p. 36 "To the Edge of Space" Article, 7 pages with 8 photos; excellent survey of entire X-15 program

Flying    June 1960
p. 24 "X-15" Article

Flying Review (RAF)    December 1958
p. 24 "X-15   Kenneth W. Gatland describes Man's first real step into Space" Article, 3 pages, following rollout of #1

Flying Review (RAF)    December 1959
p. 16
Article with 2 pages of text, one full-page 4-view diagram, one cutaway, photos

Flying Review (RAF)    August 1960
p. 13 "My Flights Towards Space" Article by Scott Crossfield as told to Clay Blair Jr.
Good adventure stories from start of the flight program

Flying Review (RAF)    October 1960
p. 53 "My Flights Towards Space, A Near Miss" Article by Scott Crossfield as told to Clay Blair Jr.
Adventures in the first few flights

Friends    May 1959
p. 25 "Preparing the X-15 for Flight" Short article, several photos  (Friends is a magazine for Chevrolet dealers)

Interavia    No 4/1958
p. 328 "One Hundred Miles up at Mach 7" Article; drawings show early NAA concept and Douglas D-558-3 concept, photo shows X-2

Interavia    No 1/1966
p. 56 "Piloting Problems on the X-15" Article by Milt Thompson,  good information

Invention & Technology    Summer 2001
Photo of Neil Armstrong in cockpit of X-15
p. 12 "The Airplane That Flew Into Space" Feature article, 9 pages with 7 photos

Jets and Rockets    August 1962
Color illustration of X-15
p. 11 "On the Edge of Space" Article by Robert White with 5 photos, including 2-page spread of X-15 launch
p. 37 "The Dyna-Soar Moves Two Years Closer" Article

Leo Plan    June 1, 1959    (6/1/59)  (Spanish-language magazine from Argentina)
p. 20 "El X-15"  subtitle:  "Nace un Titan del Cielo" 3-page article with 4 photos, 2 from rollout of #1 X-15

Life    January 6, 1958    (1/6/58)
Scott Crossfield in pressure suit, in heat chamber
p. 52 "Into the Far Frontiers Beyond Earth" Start of special feature
p. 63 "The Ship for the First American Trip" Very large photo of Crossfield standing in front of X-15 with X-15 covered; large-font caption/page title

Life    October 5, 1959    (10/5/59)
p. 73 "'He's Got a Light!' - X-15 Flies Alone" Short article, mostly photos
p. 76 "A Man Named Storms Calmly Directs the Show" Article about Harrison Storms, NAA Chief Engineer

Life    May 11, 1962    (5/11/62)
p. 48
photo with note, Joe Walker immediately after record altitude flight (46.7 miles), still suited & helmeted in cockpit of #1

Life    August 3, 1962    (8/3/62)
p. 54 "A New Highway to Space"  (Bob White) Article

Mechanix Illustrated    February 1959
p. 76
2-page collection of photos of X-15 #1 rollout, 1 artists rendering of an X-15 launch, 1 spec-like summary of X-15 characteristics

Modern Man    May 1960
p. 4 "Is the X-15 Jinxed?" Overview article with some good photos

Modern Man    December 1963
p. 4 "America's Astronaut with Wings" Article about Bob White & X-15

National Geographic    July 1960
p. (unknown) "Exploring Tomorrow  with the Space Agency" Article by Allan C. Fisher Jr.

National Geographic    September 1962
p. 428 "I Fly the X-15", by Joe Walker Large article with good photography and artwork

Naval Aviation News    April 1959
p. 12 "Many Hands Built X-15" 2-page article about upcoming X-15 program

Naval Aviation News    May 1962
p. 6
"Research Program Report  X-15" 5-page article, introduction by John Stack, main text by Forrest Petersen. 9 photos.

Newsweek    January 6, 1958    (1/6/58)
p. 47 "The First Spaceman" 2-page article about Scott Crossfield and X-15 program, describes an altitude flight from a B-36 launch.  Appearence of X-15 still secret.

Newsweek    February 2, 1959    (2/2/59)
Cover "Man in a Missile:  Coming Flight of the X-15" Art of X-15 in flight, crossing paths with a missile
p. 75 "100 Miles High ... 4,500 Miles an Hour" 4-page article with photos, X-15 about to start flight program

Newsweek  August 12, 1968  (8/12/68)
p. 72 "'I'm in a Spin...'" Short news article on crash of #3, death of Mike Adams

North American Aviation Annual Report, 1958
Cover art is illustration of X-15 

Paris Match    March 30, 1963    (3/30/63)
Special inserted supplement "Je Pilote L'Avion Fusee X-15" Feature by Joe Walker; excellent 1st person articles with great photos, published in French

Popular Electronics    February 1959
Art illustrates X-15 in space flight
p. 43 "Electronics in Space" Article features X-15

Popular Mechanics    May 1960
p. 76 "The X-15 Points into Space" Article

Popular Science    June 1958
p. 110 "Mile-a-Second Rocket Plane Will Fly 100 Miles High" Mix of fact & fantasy with X-15 still mostly under wraps

Popular Science    January 1959
p. 111 "What's in the Air" [X-15] Article

Popular Science    February 1963
p. 78 "The Incredible X-15" Article

Purdue Alumnus    February 1961
X-15 landing
p. 4
"Neil Armstrong Flies X-15"
2-page article with 3 photos.

READ Magazine   (children's reader for school)    December 1, 1958    (12/1/58)
Cover Art illustration X-15 in flight, climbing
p. 6 "Around the World in 90 Minutes" Article:  2 pages, 1 rollout photo, 1 flight path illustration

Readers Digest     December 1961    (12/61)
p. 108 "The Men Who Fly the X Planes" Article:  6 pages, 1 illustration

San Diego Union (newspaper)    January 8, 1962    (1/8/62)
p. 1 "X15:  Success At The Edge Of Space" Featured article with enormous photo

Saturday Evening Post    June 21, 1958    (6/21/58)
p. 22 "Our First Man in Outer Space" Article about Scott Crossfield & X-15

Saturday Evening Post    February 20, 1960    (2/20/60)
p. 19 "My Journeys Toward the Stars" Article by Scott Crossfield, part 1

Saturday Evening Post    June 22, 1963    (6/22/63)
p. 24 "Winged Spacemen" Article, mainly features Joe Walker, with a few good photos

Saturday Evening Post    July 27, 1968    (7/27/68)
p. 61 "Earlier drawing of X-15 used in 2-page ad for "Research in Space" issue" Bill Dana and X-15, large article, several good photos

Science World    March 6, 1958    (3/6/58)
Cover "Test flight of the X-15" Illustration of pilot in pressure suit
p. 24 "First man into space?" Kincheloe, Crossfield, & X-15

Science World    February 10, 1959    (2/10/59)
Cover "X-15:  Beginning of the Space Age" X-15 launch illustration over flight path illustration
p. 22 "The X-15:  Mach 7 manned rocket" 4-pages, 2 photos & 2 illustrations

Sir    September 1964
p. 40 "A bigger, faster X-15" Tiny 3-page article with 5 photos, one 2 pages wide

Space World    April 1961
Cover photo
Robert White
p. 10 "Wings Into Space" Focuses mainly on X-15, X-20, and proposed aerospace plane (single stage to orbit)

Take Off    Volume 7 Part 83  (2000)
p. 2322 "The Black Bullet" 6-page article with 12 photos, good color 3-view of X-15A-2; survey of X-15 program

Target    October 1961   (Vol 1/No 1)
Art shows X-15 and a pilot
p. 12 "We're shooting the moon -- NOW!" Large article by Myron Gubitz, with photos & art illustrations

Time    June 22, 1959    (6/22/59)
p. 15 "Flight of the X-15" Short article on first flight, includes photos of Cressfield and of launch

Time (Canada Edition)    August 22, 1960    (8/22/60)
p. 34 "Deep Blue Yonder" Altitude record (~ 131,000 ft) by Robert White

Time (Canada Edition)    April 7, 1961    (4/7/61)
p. 19 "Both Sides of the Ball?" Short article with flight path graphic, inset photo of Joe Walker
p. 19 "TOP FLIGHT" Large graphic, altitude record (169,600 ft, 32.12 mi.) by Joe Walker

Time    October 27, 1961    (10/27/61)
Cover Cover art Northrop president Tom Jones and X-15 ball nose/IMU
p. 89 "A Place in Space" 6-page article about Tom Jones and Northrop, leading with news note about new X-15 speed record. 1 photo of Joe Walker at nose of X-15.

True   May 1958   (5/58)
p. 46 "Wild Ride to Tomorrow" Well-illustrated article by Martin Caidin, shows early '58 artists conception of X-15 design -- light color, high aspect ratio vertical stabilizers...

Wide World  November 1960  (11/60)

Art of X-15 climbing, X-15 rendered in red
p. 242
"Rocketship X-15!"
6-page article by Myron Gubitz, several photos

Wings   December 1992
Special edition on Edwards AFB

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