X-15 and other X-Planes
and other audio/visual media
  • VHS videos
  • Laserdiscs
  • Records (vinyl)
  • Sheet music for live performance
  • Other possible media include DVD's, audio CD's, and audio tapes.  Material is currently scarce to nonexistent on these media.  Most of the material listed in this section is out of production, the best possibility for finding it is to search ebay auctions or similar sources.

    VHS Videos

    X-15 video, Smithsonian Frontiers of Flight Smithsonian Frontiers of Flight:  The Threshold of Space
    Documentary on the X-15
    55 minutes
    1992, Discovery Communications / Columbia House Video Library

    X-15 video, Test Flights - Beyond the Limits Test Flights  -- Beyond the Limits
    Subject is test flying, tape 1 has good coverage of the X-15 program
    3-tape set, about 50 minutes per tape
    1998, Goldhill Video
    These tapes air frequently on Discovery Wings and other cable channels

    X-15 TV fiction video, The Outer Limits The Outer Limits:  The Premonition
    Science fiction with a plot centered on an X-15 flight
    1965 b&w television program, 52 minutes
    MGM/UA Home Video, currently available

    X-15 video by NAA, The X-15 Story The X-15 Story
    Documentary, produced in 1960 by North American Aviation for the Air Force
    Short, probably about 20 minutes
    Copy by Traditions Military Videos, currently available

    Video, The X-Planes The X-Planes  (Air Combat II)
    Documentary by U.S. News and World Report
    45 minutes
    1998, Unapix Entertainment

    X-planes video, X-1 to Space Shuttle X-1 to Space Shuttle
    About 1 hour
    Probably ~2000, ARP Company

    X-15 video, movie fiction:  X-15 X-15
    Semi-documentary fiction, 1961 feature film
    Stars Charles Bronson, David McLean, Mary Tyler Moore
    1 hour 47 minutes
    1961, Essex Productions, distributed by United Artists
    Formerly unavailable except by taping reruns on cable channels off the air,
    VHS copies currently are offered regularly on ebay.  Most can be located
    by searching for "X-15 Bronson" or "X-15 Mary Tyler Moore"

    Video:  X-Planes X-Planes
    About 1 hour
    1988, Aviation week Video (McGraw-Hill)


    Smithsonian NASM archival laserdisc #5 Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Archival Laserdisc #5
    Archive of NASA still images from the beginning of the space program,
    includes substantial X-15 material interspersed with other programs.
    1987, Smithsonian Institution
    1995, The Voyager Company

    Records (vinyl)

    Record jacket, X-15 and other sounds of rockets, missiles, and jets 12-inch 33 1/3 RPM

    X-15 and other sounds of rockets, missiles, and jets
    Includes recordings of  X-15 powered by XLR-11
    Probably 1960:  Reprise Records #R9-6003

    Several more records will be added to this sectionin February.

    Sheet music for live performance

    Sheet music, Concerto for the X-15 Concerto for the X-15
    by Carl Prior and Euro Testi
    Music from the sound track of the 1961 film, X-15
    1964  Ding Dong Music Corp.

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